Promulgation of Biotech Crops to Lessen Malnutrition

As UNs Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) reported that the number of hungry people around the world has increased by 40 million, agricultural biotechnology will help reduce hunger and malnutrition worldwide.

According to Dr. Rhodora Aldemita, Senior Program Officer of the International service for the Acquisition of Agri Biotech Applications (ISSA), stressed that biotechnology is a most viable alternative system to enhance yields of crops that have been genetically enhanced to provide consumers with adequate nutrients.

Through advances in plant biotechnology, it is now more than possible to improve the nutritional quality of food. It also helps in ensuring that the crops reach more people in their best state through the introduction of delayed ripening characteristics.

With this king of technology, many impoverished people maybe able to generate their own food and thus be spared from the pangs of hunger. [via PIA]

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