Wastepaper and Coir with Okra Mucilage


Presently, people everywhere are focusing on environmental concerns. As a result, there are movements toward recycling wastes and using natural substances. Recycled paper is one of the more popular forms, since it is possible to make by hand and utilizes a variety of materials. These have included okra mucilage and coconut fibers, things that are relatively cheap and abundant. However, such paper has not been qualitatively tested.

In this research, a lot of used paper was shredded and pulped. Up to 75% mucilage was extracted from okra. The coir fibers were cooked for at least three hours, after which the fibers were made fine. Three batches of paper were produced. The first was made up of pure recycled paper; the second of recycled paper and okra mucilage; and the third, recycled paper, okra mucilage, and coconut fibers.


This research aims to determine whether the combination of wastepaper, coconut fibers, and okra mucilage for paper production is feasible or not. It also aims to evaluate the qualities of paper using okra mucilage as a binder. Nonstandard and standard tests determining the characteristics of paper such as tensile strength, tearing strength, and burst factor are conducted.

Recycling materials have become important in preserving natural resources. Handmade paper is especially popular, because a variety of materials may be employed. Such paper is currently being made into attractive stationery and greeting cards.

Materials & Equipment

Selected References:

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Further clarification of the procedures and results should be directed to the researchers and adviser.

Xenia P. David
Claire A. dela Cruz
Amyzola Maramba
Wesley O. Platon
Joshua E. Redillas

Ms. Juanita Cruz
Philippine Science High School
Quezon City


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