Mosquito Trap Magnet

Due to the increasing numbers of dengue fever cases in the Philippines, DOST (Department of Science and Technology) has developed mosquito trap which will be available in the market soon.

The said mosquito trap has productively passed laboratory tests and will be subjected to field tests in 500 households in Quezon City and 500 households in Marikina City next week.

According to Science Secretary Mario Montejo, if results will be positive, the mosquito trap will be rolled all over the country.

Recently, reports are made to explain how this mosquito trap can kill 100% of mosquito eggs and larvae.

It will be made up of a small plastic black container with a black organic solution developed by epidemiologists and a piece of wood. Mosquitoes will be attracted by the color, as well as the solution, which has fumes and proven the 100% killing of larvae.

The insects will be gathered inside the container, where they can lay eggs, but the larvae end up being killed there.

Monatejo said that they are expecting to make the device be available in the market next month in a reasonable price.

The device may only cost P30 or less. People can just come up with their own plastic container and buy the solution, which will cost only P5 a pack.

A family may need between and 10 mosquito traps, depending on where family members want to place them.

This device was first conceptualized 12 years ago, it was used mainly to attract mosquitoes and monitor their number. But this time, it was developed to trap mosquitoes and kill their larvae through the improved solution.

Department of Science and Technology continues to develop different innovations that will help solve different problems in the community. [via]

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