Charcoal Making Machine

The Department of Science and Technology (DOST) had given training about high end charcoal making using agri-based wastes to 45 people.

According to Dexy Catacutan of DOST-Kalinga, the technology is being applied in drum-charcoaling through a fabricated iron drum material used in converting twigs, rice hulls, saw dust, dried coconut shells, bamboo scraps wood planks into finished irregular charcoal cuts. The charcoal cuts are pulverized and mixed with binding agents like corn starch before pouring this to the briquetting machine to make charcoal briquettes.

Tabuk is known as an agriculture-based area. They have equipped supply of these materials. The simple technology produces the same charcoal product in more attractive form so it was called high-end product.  Unlike the traditional way of making charcoal, the new technology of charcoal making no longer bring dug-pits so it can be performed even in the city. The possible market of smoke-free charcoal making can be in hotels and restaurants. The DOST team is very optimistic in the marketing of the product, they advised the trainees to continue with the production. [via PIA]

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