Fuel from Waste Plastic to End Metro Manila’s Garbage Afflictions

With the new invention of Jayme Navarro, dubbed as Poly-Green Technology, it is said that this would be an end to Metro Manila’s garbage woes.

The new system will not only rid the landfill of non-biodegradable plastics, but will also help in keeping transportation systems rolling and industries running as the final product would be made into diesel and gasoline.

Navarro said that he intends to establish links with the Rizal Provincial Government for a partnership that would allow the use of his technology at the 19-hectare solid-waste disposal facility in Rodriguez.

Waste plastic is converted into diesel and gasoline through depolymerization of the materials. Assorted plastics are first shredded into evenly sized pieces and then placed into an agglomeration chamber.

And this diesel and gasoline produced can be sold 20% cheaper.

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