Used Cooking Oil as Substitute to Diesel


This study, Trans-Esterified Used-Cooking Oil as Substitute to Diesel, aims to produce a diesel with physical properties comparable to commercially produced diesels. The researchers surveyed the top three oil products that public utility jeepney drivers use: Caltex, Petron and Shell.

The biodiesel was produced through a process called trans-esterification. It makes methyl ester from the used cooking oil that is similar to the complex hydrocarbon chains of petroleum products. Glycerine and soap are the byproducts of this process. A percent yield of 73 percent makes the product relatively good for economic distribution.


The Philippines is actually rich in energy resources. Filipinos are still seeking for the proverbial pot of gold, not knowing that this black gold is sitting in their own backyard.

And so, the researchers thought of using a material abundant in the home-used cooking oil to develop fuel for cars. The researchers would also want to know the feasibility and usefulness of used-cooking oil as a car fuel.

Materials & Equipment

Further clarification of the procedures and results should be directed to the researchers and adviser.

Reymond Benito
Romulo Vinci Buenza
Androus Rogel Cabautan
Zaira Daos
Cladyl Marie Dy
Marianne Echano
Josephine Esteban
Ma. Karina Fullante
Mary Kristine Ira Gracia
Hazel Leonardo
Ma. Karen Ophelia Nobleza

Ms. Ana Liza M. Liao
Naga City Science High School
Naga City


  1. Good day! I’m finding an investigatory project and this topic is interesting. Can i know the procedures and result of this project? It would be helpful. Thank you.

  2. Hi! Can I know the procedures and material used in this project? This will be a help for our Investigatory Project.

  3. may i know the materials and procedures? this sounds interesting and it would be very helpful in our investigatory project. thanks!

  4. Hello! My son is a grade 9 student and currently looking for a possible topic for their Investigatory project . I’ve seen your research a very interesting one considering the price of diesel we have now. Can I have please a copy of your research?

    Thank you and hoping for your kind response soon.

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