First High-Tech Pinoy Invention

After the long years of waiting, Pinoy innoventors led by Fil-American Brian Quebengco, unveiled their year’s work.

The Ilumina I-TV is the revolutionary technology that would definitely change the world.

The Ilumina ITV, says these young innovators, is a convergence product. Meaning, it was created with two things in mind ease of use in a timeless design. Essentially, it’s an LCD television with a powerful punch a computing capability that allows the consumer to watch TV and access the Internet all at the same time.

The beta prototype was literally produced from scratch in a garage and dorm by the Inovent team, a group of young Filipino industrial designers, engineers and programming experts. The television set is described as a complete multi-media device with access to Google Gadgets, Plasma Widgets, & Mac OS X dock Widgets. It is the first convergence product made in the Philippines that synthesizes the functions of an LCD television and the personal computer.

The ilumina LCD iTV has all the features of a regular 32-inch LCD television enhanced with personal computing functions. Housed in a uniquely bold and minimalist inspired curved casing, the iTV is equipped with a High Definition (HD) webcam, a Blue Ray DVD slot drive, VoIP, DVR, Wifi/LAN, 1.5 tera byte Hard Drive, wireless keyboard, and a blue tooth head phone built-in the back of the remote control, which is also motion gesture base. The device allows you to watch your favourite local and cable shows while browsing the Internet. The new chassis design is described as “bold and revolutionary”, says Inovent,Inc. Founder Brian Quebengco. The set has a unique, curve design that lets it stand alone. When you click on the ilumina LCD iTV, it has a Multi-Media Interface that allows you to record television shows, download documents from the web, play on-line games, and call your loved ones abroad in the comfort of your living room using the VoIP function.  Quebengco described the ilumina as a revolutionary product that would change the TV experience of every Filipino. Quebengco said that the ilumina LCD iTV aims to “free” the Filipino from the mundane experience of watching television.

Quebengco said that the ilumina LCD iTV just proves that Filipino Industrial Designers, Engineers, and Programmers have what it takes to conquer the highly competitive global LCD television industry.  Amidst a worsening global economic crisis, it is fitting to launch a purely Filipino innovation, says Quebengco, because they hope that their invention would uplift the sagging spirits of the Filipino and give the country something to be proud of.

The ilumina LCD iTV is expected to hit the shelves in the early part of 2010.

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