West Tennessee Science Fair: Recognizes Primary Students Invention

Jackie Prather students are required to write a research paper and keep a journal on the process.

In spite of being worried about the result of the judging process of her two-month project in the Science Fair, Claire Myers, a fifth-grader at Denmark Elementary, won the first place in the life science division for her soil experiment. Myer’s theory proved that the soil in her grandmother’s garden would harvest a bigger plant than one from her own.

According to Claire, her grandmother’s plant grew 5 centimeters taller than hers. She ascertained that worms in the soil made the plant grow bigger. In the physical science division, Bray Finney, Claire’s classmate grabbed the third place for his experiment on whether mint actually cools things down. Finney used peppermints and mint leaves to test if it would cool down warm water but it didn’t. Other students who participated in Jackie Prather’s science class were given certificates. They were Aaron March’s experiment involved magnetism, Grace Pickens’ experiment was on bubbles and James Moyers wanted to see if lemons would power his remote control truck but it did not work.

Prather acknowledged the hard work of the students, parents, teacher and principal that pushed these students toward success.

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