Technology-Based Enterprises From DOST

The Department of Science and Technology (DOST) is now offering services for graduating college students, young professionals and out of school youths in selected academic institutions and non-government organizations. This will be possible thru the DOST-Academe Technology-Based Enterprise Development Program (DATBED). The establishment of the small-scale technology-based enterprises in the countryside will help the youth to generate income. Trainings will be provided to them as part of the program. Initial capital will be given to them to start their projects. The program will establish DOST-Academe & NGO connections by offering technical services, proficiency, and technology-based facilities.

The following are the requirements for the institution:

  • The institution where the youths are enrolled must be offering services to a depressed province/city/area.
  • The institution should also offer science and technology courses with student-faculty ratio of at most 25:1 and free enterprise development program.
  • The institution must have available resources for the proposed technology-based projects.

The following are the requirements for NGO:

  • NGO must have a present or completed youth improvement programs.
  • NGO must have permitted board resolution signifying awareness for accreditation
  • NGO must have advisers
  • NGO must have program management support and they must be registered with Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) or Cooperative Development Authority (CDA).

They should submit a wide-ranging plan to DOST Regional Office 10. The plan must include the following supporting documents:

  • Team of advisers
  • Fund administration preparation
  • Project management preparation
  • Reimbursement plan for recipients
  • Selection method for recipients
  • Selection system for recipients
  • Project monitoring system
  • Financial assistance management
  • Profit-sharing system


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