Small-Scale Wind Power

In partnership of the Industrial Technolgy Development Institute of the Department of Science and Technology (Itdi-DOST) with Japan External Trade Organization (Jetro), International Center for Environmental Technology Transfer (Icett) and Loopwing Co. Ltd., a project was developed that attempts to harness wind energy using small wind-power units in the urban setting.

With the said project, Philippines maintain the country’s rank as the Southeast Asia’s No. 1 wind energy producer.

The wind turbines placed in the northern part of the Philippines not only served as tourists’ destination but also generates 25 megawatts of electricity and is connected to the Luzon grid.

President Minoru Yoshida of Loopwing the project was pursued to promote Microgeneration technologies that will give public awareness on climate change, high-energy prices and energy-security factors.

Yoshida added that this small scale wind power generation is one of Microgeneration technologies defined as power-generation technologies with capacity of below 100-kilowatt (kW) or 50-kW in some cases.

In three sites in the country-Itdi-DOST in Taguig City, City Environmental Management Office in Marikina City and Guaranfood in San Pablo City, Laguna the project demonstrates that small wind generators can be used even with low wind velocity and varied wind directions.

This kind of project has a potential advantage of saving power consumption, cleaning source of energy, reducing impacts to the environment, and instilling environmental awareness to the people.

The three sites can gather additional data that would serve as a platform for the country to analyze the possible proliferation of small-wind energy not only in urban areas but in other areas as well. [via]

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