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Guyabano's Health Benefits

Written by Cherry Collera   
Thursday, 21 February 2013

Most of us would love to make guyabano fruit juice, puree, tea and shake. This fruit is grown in Central America, sub-Saharan parts of Africa and Southeast Asia. Filipinos believe in the wonders of guyabano. It is known to relieve pain, inflammation, asthma, lowers fever, spasms, heart rate and blood pressure. It is also good for diabetic individuals and its extracts can prevent cancer cells from forming. Viruses, fungi and harmful bacteria can also be prevented when you eat guyabano because of its anti-microbial potential.

The experts of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) have advocated these wonders of guyabano in a health supplement. Based from their research guyabano can ease cancer and other illnesses. Guyabano or soursop is a tropical fruit with a soft thorn green skin and soft pulpy white flesh. The agency had studied and performed tests that will prove that guyabano extract can be mixed in natural health supplements since it had high flavonoid which avoids viruses, carcinogens and allergens. [via]


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