Mung Bean as Nutrient Supplement


This study was conducted to test the effectiveness of mung bean as alternative nutrient supplement in the rooting medium for embryo-cultured catleyas. Catleya, one of the commercially important orchids, is now propagated in laboratories using culture techniques that involve the promotion of plant growth in prepared media formulations instead of soil.

Rooting medium is important during the early stages of cultured plant growth, because it is artificial environment provided for the development of roots and basic plant parts. This medium includes chemicals and nutrients. Coconut water and banana are the commonly used nutrient supplements in tissue culture centers.


Almost all we need come from plants food, clothing, shelter, fuel, etc. plants are still essential in manufacturing food and fiber.

Plants are needed in large quantities, therefore, it must be propagated accordingly. Plants produce asexually or sexually depending upon the nature of reproduction of a certain species. Asexual propagation involves cutting, grafting, layering, and culturing. Grafting is the joining of plant parts to make them unite and grow as a single part. This can perpetuate clones that cannot be conveniently produced by any other means.

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Loren M. Tusara

Ms. Marie Christine W. Merca
Philippine Science High School
Bicol Region Campus

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