Magichanic Oil from Baguio

During the National Invention Contest and Exhibits 2009 at the Philippine Trade Training Center under the Department of Science and Technology (DOST), a scientist from Baguio was awarded as best inventor in the utility model category.

After over 20 years of research and experimentation, Johnny N. Sy brought an eco-friendly engine oil additive called Magichanic Oil in the market in July 10, 2008. P 100,000.00. cash reward was given to him. The oil can be used by all types of vehicles. The oil will help the drivers to apply less force to their accelerator pedals yet maximizing fuel efficiency and combustion. This will give them 65% lesser emissions. To date, 90% of auto supplies and repair shops in northern Luzon are now using Magichanic oil. According to Sy, the oil offers 4 Ps: power, protection, performance and profitability. The oil also boosts engine power for stronger rising drives. Sy explained that the oil reduces friction between the engine components, lessen engine wear and tear, lowers engine temperatures and extends the strength of an engine, so it helps a lot to reduce air pollution. It performs progressively both in low and high temperature conditions. Based from the experience of Jonathan Estacio, a taxi operator/driver of Baguio City, he had an additional mileage of 10,000 km. Now, he changes oil after two or three months instead of monthly. According to DOST-Cordillera Regional Director Ben Ladilad, the DOST offered financial assistance to Sy to help him progress with the Magichanic oil. [via]

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