KOICA Project versus Calamities

Secretary Estrella Alabastro of Department of Science and Technology said that an Early Warning and Monitoring System (EWS) from Disaster Mitigation is established in the province of Iloilo which will provide the necessary capacity for local disaster councils to make fast and effective decisions on weather forecasting in times of extreme meteorological situations.

The establishment of the multi-million EWS is under the partnership of the Korean International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) and the local government of Iloilo.

Secretary Alabastro said that the project is strategic for PAGASA because it will complement the data gathered from other weather stations for improved weather forecasting by the agency.

Moreover, the system will also improve the capacity of the local Provincial Disaster Councils in fast monitoring of weather situations in areas covered and directly from the nearest River Basin.

This kind of project will not only highlight the capacity of the LGU disaster preparedness but, as well as in enabling the affected municipalities to be proactive in their response and most of all to save and reduce economic losses. [via PIA]

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