Innovation to Let Fish Live Without Water

The Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) regional office for Bicol is actually adopting a technology that would preserve the life of commercial fish and let it live 10 to 18 hours in containers without water.

Bonifacio Comandante Jr., a multiawarded scientist, is the inventor of Buhi Waterless Fish Transport Technology (BWFTT). He presented his invention to BFAR, researchers and fish traders from Albay and Camarines Sur.

According to BFAR regional director Dennis del Socorro, the invention is make possible the transport of live fish species such as grouper, shrimp, snapper, sea bass, tilapia, pompano, milkfish, shellfish, as well as tiger prawn and crab for many hours without water.

However, the technology requires a favorable environmental condition for live fish to be preserved for longer periods of time out of water.

The said technology is now considered to be a major breakthrough for the fisheries sector. But continuous tests would have to be conducted to ensure that no harmful residues are found in the fish although initial laboratory tests conducted by BFAR in validating the technology including necropsy and pathology showed no traces of toxins or abnormalities in the fish.

The technology has been proven effective by several companies like the Saranggani Farms, Vitarich and Century PG, all clients of Buhi Marine Worldwide Supply Inc., which Comandante heads as president. Buhi Marine provides waterless live- fish transport services to these companies.

This technological breakthrough in live fish transport would give fish traders from Bicol a competitive advantage and savings in the cost of live-fish shipment where water, which composes 75 percent of the shipment weight, would no longer be needed. [via Business Mirror]

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