Harnessing the Antibacterial and Nutritional Potential of Kudit


Since kudit (Schizophyllum commune Fr.) is regarded as a wild edible mushroom, its nutriceutical and antibacterial properties were evaluated. S. commune contains an appreciable amount of protein at 22 percent, crude fiber (3.59 percent), and carbohydrates (59.56 percent) which merit it to be considered as nutritious food. The immobilized form of S. commune could overcome and suppress the growth and further colonization of Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli.

These significant findings affirm that S. commune is a newly cultivated, edible mushroom with nutriceutical and antibacterial properties.


Kudit, a wild mushroom, is a saprophyte that grows on dead logs of rain tree and narra during rainy seasons. It produces fruiting bodies that are shelf-like and fan-like, where the outer surface of the hymenium is covered with distinct leaf-like gills that split longitudinally. The margin is rolled inward and the spores are white. The fruiting bodies are fleshy tough and leathery when fresh and do not decay easily.

Kudit is still considered to be a wild mushroom, since it is not yet commercially available in spite of its popularity as a delicacy among Filipinos. In Japan and South Korea, it is commercially available in capsule form and being sold on the market with the brand name Sonfilan, which is being used as a drug in treating cervical cancer. In the Philippines, however, the potential of this mushroom is not yet fully harnessed.

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Selected References:

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Further clarification of the procedures and results should be directed to the researchers and adviser.

Eric Caymo
Marjorrie Pangilinan
Lahr Floyd Manalad

Johnny E. de Leon
Juan R. Liwag Memorial High School
Gapan City

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