DOST Advances Tapuey Making

DOST (Department of Science and Technology) will be sponsoring Rice Wine Making Competition for those tapuy/tapey-makers who are ready and eager to participate in Cordillera Region.

The said making contest is set in August 2009 for the provincial and December 2009 for the regional level.

Participants will make use of the traditional rice called Ballatinaw to be provided by DOST to ensure uniformity. However, bobod or lime will be provided by the contestants, including the process or procedure in the tapuey preparation.

This wine making competition aims to raise the awareness of the public and promote the industry in the region. It also acquaints the consumers of the characteristics of the local wine and to introduce to the public the cultural aspects of tapuey as it is an essential alcoholic beverage to the Cordilleras during their traditional ceremonies and special events.

Technologically, DOST also wants to undertake continuing product development to improve the quality of the local wine sine its shelf life is not very long compared to the wine produced out of the fruits. The competition also aims to adopt a system of judging wines that is reliable, simple, fair and accurate. [via PIA]

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