Bamboo Craft-Makers Trained For Bamboo Treatment and Preservation

In coordination with the Department of Science and Technology (DOST), a technical forum on bamboo treatment and preservation was conducted by the Polytechnic State College of Antique Main Campus, Sibalom through its Research and Development Center headed by Dr. Nelibeth P. Fedelicio.

With the abundance of bamboo in the area and to hasten the development of the local industry it is important to build the capacities of bamboo craft makers to meet the demand of the local and export market.

The towns of Sibalom and San Remigio are the areas where bamboo products abound and serve as one of the major sources of livelihood among upland dwellers. Bamboo craft making is among the alternative sources of income of farmers and farm laborers especially during off-farm season.

According to Engr. Abraham Fabila, Provincial Director of the DOST, bamboo processors need to know the technicalities of treatment and preservation of bamboos to ensure that their products such as bamboo furniture’s, fans, home decors among others meet the standards of local and export market which will eventually result to sustained family income.

The training according to Fabila includes demonstration on preservative dipping and brushing using locally available chemical preservative. However, natural means of bamboo treatment and preservation was strongly recommended not only because of its lesser cost but importantly to avoid hazardous environmental effects. [via PIA]

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