14 Pronged Programs to Reduce Global Warning

Recently, President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo launched its ambitious 14-pronged national program on sustainable development as the country’s contribution to the worldwide campaign to reduce global warming.

With the EO No. 774 PGMA mandated the creation of 14 Task Groups to ensure the “CPR.” CPR stands for the conservation, protection and restoration of the country’s natural resources.

Led by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources with the Department of Health and Manila Waterworks and Sewerage System, the Task Group on Solid Waste Management has been directed to reduce solid waste generation by 50% within six months; and to identify and regenerate forest lands and protected areas.

The other task groups are the following:

  1. Watershed Protection
  2. Rainwater Conservation with the Department of Public Works and Highways
  3. Water Recycling with the National Water Resources Office, Local Water Utilities Administration and Water Districts and the Department of Trade and Industry
  4. Atmospheric Activities with the DOST
  5. Fossil Fuels with the Department of Transportation and Communication
  6. Information led by Philippine Information Agency
  7. Fisheries with the Department of Agriculture
  8. Agriculture with the Department of Agriculture
  9. Education with the Department of education
  10. Foreign Affairs with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Department of Justice
  11. Renewable Energy with the Department of Energy
  12. CPR Economics with NEDA, DTI, DOF, BOI and DOT
  13. Outdoor and Rooftop Structures with the Department of Public Works and Highways

Each group has been mandated to do their main function with respective deadlines wherein, all has significant roles in saving the earth from global warming.

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