Science Experiments on Newton’s Law of Motion

A science experiment hosted by Montana Space Grant Consortium, NASA and Montana State University is now experienced by grade school children. According to Fourth-grade teacher Deanna Collins, 30 students at Monforton School is now participating in science experiments following Newton’s Law of Motion. The students should invent ways to prevent raw eggs from breaking. They will use a container, cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, cotton balls, peanuts pack, newspapers, plastic bags, yarn and duct tape. Each egg must be lifted up in the sky using large Borealis helium balloon. The eggs must be dropped from a balloon with helium in 150 feet school field. Teacher Ryan Hannahoe had provided the students with the engineering design challenges. Everybody is excited watching the eggs released from each container.

Nine-year-old Brendan Kimm was the first to gaze at his box clunk on the ground. He unwrap the egg and gladly found that it was still unbroken. Also, Delanee Hicks succeeded the experiment since she assembled a box with foam inside another box. DesJardins explained that failure is not an option. If the egg breaks, don’t think it is a failure. A student should use that lesson to think about how he would do it in a different way next time.

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