Powder Coating for Steel Cabinets

To give a big difference through technology, Jacsons Enterprises presents Powder Coating that would give durable effects for steel cabinets.

Engr. Francis Celis, owner of Jacsons Enterprises, said that powder coating is a method where in steel cabinets or vaults are finished with an electrostatic powder coating. This powder is applied to all sides including the bottom panel. Powder coating is proven to be more durable than enamel and it is scratch-resistant, providing a lifetime quality appearance through the years.

This technology has been there for the last 25 years and it is now becoming popular to its high durable effect.

Jacsons Enterprises started in the early 70’s in Iloilo City as a single proprietorship owned and founded by Jose Celis. After some years, it was later incorporated as Jacsons’ Metalcraft Enterprises, trading office equipment such as typewriters, calculators and steel cabinets.

In the early 80’s, the business moved to steel manufacturing, mainly steel cabinets and other related steel and metal products.

Jacsons Enterprises produces more durable steel cabinets through the technology of powder coating, which he first heard in Malaysia.

Engr. Celis was able to pursue the business as DOST (Department of Science and Technology) through SETUP (Small Enterprises Technology Upgrading Program) in 2005. He was provided with a P980, 000 technology assistance for the acquisition of production equipment like the batch-type bake oven, powder spray paint booth, powder spray gun and powder sieving machine.

At present, Jacsons Enterprises is the only powder coating manufacturing plant in region 10. It employs 40 workers (20 in the production and 20 in the office and marketing) and gets about 20% of the powder coated steel cabinet market share in Mindanao.

For now, he is serving the demand of big government agencies and multinational companies in the region for powder coated products.

The demand continues to increase as they plan to export their products to Asian countries. [via pia.gov.ph]

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