Ohmic Heating Project

Bio-Processing Division of PhilMech and Department of Science and Technology have shared their resources to conduct further research in a process called Ohmic heating. Ohmic heating is an advanced thermal processing method wherein the food material is heated by passing electricity through it. Electrical energy is dissipated into heat which results in rapid and uniform heating to kill pathogens and microbes. Ohmic heating is also called electrical resistance heating, Joule heating, or electro-heating, and may be used for a variety of applications in the food industry.

The joint project of the two government agencies will also assist to the increase of the volume of coconut water exports.  With the utilization of the current process, only 10 percent of coconut water is recovered from farms for processing, packaging and export.

PhilMech had agreed to improve the collection of coco water from farms. [via gmanetwork.com]

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