Numbers of Science and Technology Workers Leaving RP Increases

With the frequent moving out of Filipino science and technology (S&T) workers, Philippines is in danger to experience brain drain in coming years.

According to Leticia Catris, officer in charge and deputy director of DOST-Science Education Institute (SEI), SEI study shows that Philippines lost 9,877 S&T workers in 1998 to 24,502 in 2009.

In addition to this, Catris said that the country presently has 165 R&D personnel per million Filipinos, which is way below the UNESCO (United Nations Education Scientific and Cultural Organization) recommendation of 380 needed for economic development.

But despite of this, DOST is very positive that our countrymen will feel the need of more S&T workers for the country’s development.

The country is really in need of more S&T R&D professionals to stay working in our country to save the vanishing lifeline of our research and development programme. [via]

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