Muscovado Producers to Set Off Foreign Markets

To advance product quality and to meet the strict requirements of other markets in Asia, Europe, and North America, Muscovado producers in Antique are getting assistance from the Department of Science and Technology (DoST).

Vice-Governor Rhodora J. Cadiao of Antique told Science and Technology Secretary Estrella F. Alabastro during her visit to the province last month that they once exported muscovado to Japan.

And to avoid the moist of the product when it reach its destination, the Industrial Technology Development Institute, which is attached to the DoST, is formulating measures to standardize muscovado production to ensure that the product meets international requirements on moisture content, microbial load and color consistency, among other standards.

Antique is the major producer of muscovado, or raw cane sugar, yielding about 30% of the country’s supply.

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