Mechanical Chalkdust Dispenser


The mechanical chalk dispenser aims to hasten the removal of chalk dust on the chalkboard eraser. It will also enclose the dusts preventing possible skin irritation. It also produces chalks with the aid of the resin.

The researchers made a machine guided by the principles of level and wheel and axle. In making chalks, additives were added in the chalk dust forming the common chalk.


One of the many problems that every school and office is facing today is the process of dispensing chalk dust from erasers. Students have found different methods to accomplish this unwanted task such as pounding the chalk eraser on the lid of the trashcan, on the wall, or on the screen of the currently used chalk dispenser. These methods are similar in two things: (1) they involve the inevitable pounding, which is very tiring on the part of the person doing the job; and (2) they spread the chalk dust in the air, causing many problems, one of which is the unwillingness of the students to do this particular job, because it causes premature cramping of the hand. Another is that the chalk dust can cause skin irritation and may lead to skin disorders. Chalk dust can also trigger asthma when inhaled and is a definite nuisance to the environment since it returns excess carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Materials & Equipment

Further clarification of the procedures and results should be directed to the researchers and adviser.

Jane Paula R. Abante
Eloisa Arlen P. Abrenica
Ramer Jay N. Alde
Ma. Cristina T. Arines
Djeka Alynna P. Angeles
Marifrance P. Avila
Rizzi Ann P. Banadera
Dave Jonathan V. Batac
Arjay B. Berja
Kristine S. Bermejo
Christa Marie T. Borromeo

Naga City Science High School
Naga City


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