Liquid Crystals from Coconut Oil Fatty Acids


Liquid crystals are fluids that are between the solid and conventional liquid phases. Liquid crystals are in widespread use,

especially in optical technologies. They are synthesized by combining fatty acids with cholesterol. This study aims to utilize coconut oil as an alternative source of fatty acids for synthesizing liquid crystals since coconut is cheap and abundant in the Philippines. Coconut oil is 85 percent fatty acid.


Liquid crystals are one of the foundations of an increasingly electronic world. They have been used in medicine, chemistry, thermometry, entertainment, and even cancer research. It is unfortunate, then, that only a few in our country have concentrated on this newly developed field.

This study stems from several previous researches on liquid crystals done at the Philippine Science High School. Here, fatty acids from coconut oil were combined with cholesterol to form liquid crystals.

Materials & Equipment

Selected References:

Apostol, R., et al. Chemical Synthesis of Cholesteric Liquid Crystals. Quezon City, Philippines: Philippine Science High School, 1991.
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Further clarification of the procedures and results should be directed to the researchers and adviser.

Rosario Chu
Michael Cruz
Raissa Francisco
Neil Silva
Zarah Zoleta

Miss Juanita Cruz
Philippine Science High School
Quezon City


  1. Good day! I am a high school scholar in the Philippines and I am very interested in this research. I would like to know how much dichloromethane was used in the preparation of cholesterol for my research.

    I hope for your response. Thank you!

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