Kalinga Woman Entrepreneur Succeeds from Coffee Product

Antusa Wanason Refalda or Tosa to her friends is one among hundreds of hard working women who started business from small capital and more of her swear and patience. She is the woman-farmer-entrepreneur behind the Kalinga Brew, roasted ground native coffee known for its distinct flavor and wonderful aroma.

Tosa, with her sheer determination and business acumen, was able to build up her capital. In 1985, she started dealing directly with the town’s coffee traders. The added bonus was that, Antusa was entrusted with money for buying coffee in the barangay. If funds run out before delivery of the stocks, she could write the trader to send more money. Thus, she was able to take advantage of the coffee boom in the country in the mid 80’s.

Over the years, they acquired an additional five hectares of land and planted 2, 500 Arabica coffee, now fruit-bearing. In 2005, she was awarded the ARB Female Entrepreneur during the Agraryo Trade Fair.

In 2003 she started producing Kaling Brew packed in cacha bags designed by Design Center of the Philippines. And up to now, the product continues to gain entrance in known city supermarkets and hotels around the country.

Antusa also brought her distinctive coffee in Macau, Hong Kong and China. [via PIA]

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