Immersion freezer to conserve energy

A collaborative project of the Industrial Technology Development Institute, Metals industry Research and Development Center, and the Project Management Engineering and Design Service Office has been implemented by DOST.

The Department of Science and Technology (DOST) had once again come-up with a freezer which can meet the country’s needs of food preservation. The freezer was called immersion freezer which is designed for SMEs. Using this freezer, food will be submerged in cold drinks. The freezer’s size is bigger than the normal grocery chest freezer. It’s maximum volume capacity is 1000 liters, its freezing capacity is 60 kgs. which can be used for ice making. The freezer uses water soaked with salt to cool the coils and pump the cool air into the storage then it frosts the products. Fast cooling is brought by this mechanism. However, properly closed or sealed food boxes are still essential. To use the freezer efficiently, the coolant temperature of the freezer can be adjusted to meet the specific requirements of the fridge. This is also an energy-consumption technique. You can buy the freezer in its competitively given price. [via]

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