Hydrogel Wound Dressing Soon to be in the Market

As an alternative for band-aids, Department of Science and Technology has developed a local hydrogel wound dressing that is soon to be accessible in the market.

DOST prove the efficacy of the 100% Filipino hydrogel in both laboratory and pilot stage since it is made of combined carrageenan and synthetic polymer polyvinyl pyrrolydone, which are welded through irradiation processes.

What makes its different from the ordinary band- aids is that it can keep wound moist and have the ability to clean and debride necrotic tissues in wounds. Although it is 95-percent water, it absorbs wound exudates to keep would from getting pus.

People will now have another choice of wound dressing that will surely help them avoid infections that will possibly lead to more serious problems.

The said development was made possible through DoST Philippine Nuclear Research Institute (DoST- PNRI). [via mb.com.ph]

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