Gibborellic Acid for Low-Cost Aster Production

With the successful research done by Dr. Leonido Naranja and Maria Charito Balladares, horticulture professor and research associate, respectively, of the University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB), aster “baby’ breath” producers can now lessen their electric expenses when producing aster.

Dr. Naranja and Balladares use gibborellic acid (GA) in the production of aster production as an alternative on supplementary lighting, which giving the aster producers high expenses in the consumption of electricity.

With the use of GA aster producers in Los Baños no longer have to spend a large sum on electricity that could also provide them produce baby’ s breath with a smaller capital.

Researchers assure that GA is easy to use and is environment-friendly. Farmers no longer have the worry about installing electric wires and working with hot bulbs.

In addition, GA does not require electricity; it also contributes in the conservation of energy.

Los Baños farmers are now using gibborellic acid in producing baby’s breath.

Meanwhile, Dr. Naranja and Balladares have been presenting the technology in science forum and garden shows, among other venues to persuade aster growers in other regions to implement the use of the said technology. [via]

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