Cost-Effective Free Fall Apparatus

Cost-Effective Free Fall Apparatus for Elementary and Secondary Students. Public Schools do not have sufficient funds for the purchase of a Free-Fall Apparatus, which is used to measure the time for a falling object to hit the switch pad from a certain point. A cost-effective Free-Fall Apparatus was constructed with the aid of recycled materials to serve as a cheaper alternative for this device. This study was intended for the improvement of the original equipment in terms of materials used, structural design, function and price. The main structure was built with the use of excess planks of wood. The electromagnet, powered by three volt-battery was assembled. Wires were tapped into the stopwatch and were connected to the electromagnet. The Power Supply Box was connected to the Synchro Box to allow relay function.

The electromagnet was finally affixed to the device through the use of a large paper clip. A tape measure was fastened to the equipment. The switch pad was affixed through the use of a lever and magnet. The apparatus was tested for several times until it functioned accurately. The innovation proved to be very efficient. It showed the same function as the original one although the initial design was altered. Special features include the machine’s flexibility and added parts such as the lever. This apparatus can really be used by various public schools throughout the country because of its effectiveness and affordability.

Materials & Equipment

Further clarification of the procedures and results should be directed to the researchers and adviser.

Ma. Gerry Lyn E. Alcantara
Marian Christia A. Montesa
Rose Jane Viray

Mr. Walter Perez
Jose J. Leido Jr. Memorial National High School


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