Cellular Phone as Electrical Device Activator


This study aims to focuses on the development of a remote control that will function in activating any desired electrical device out of a common gadget, the cellular phone.

Specific Objectives:

  • To design, construct, and test a circuit that will activate the desired electrical device connected to it
  • To test the constructed device in different electrical appliances with varied wattage
  • To propose a circuit design for the confirmation of the activation of the desired electrical device.

The researchers developed a remote control using the widely used medium for communication, which is the cellular phone. This device will operate as a remote control that can activate different electrical devices regardless of the distance, because cellular phones operate through microwaves as its medium. Since the device can operate in very large distances, a confirmation for the activation of the electrical devices will be obtained. This device will function as a remote control to activate desired electrical device anywhere, anytime.


A remote control is a device used for the remote operation of a machine. This device is usually a small rectangular object with lots of buttons. The remote, as it is now called, usually contains all the functions and controls necessary to operate the electronic appliance. Remote controls generally communicate with their respective electronic units via infrared or radio signals.

Materials & Equipment

Selected References:

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Further clarification of the procedures and results should be directed to the researchers and adviser.

Roque Ronniel I. Altamia
Rachel Anne D. Nayve
Nikki L. Solis

Marie Christine Merca-Obusan
Philippine Science High School
Bicol Region Campus

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