Benefits of Guyabano Fruit

More and more are exploring if sour-sop or guyabano is more effective than chemotherapy.

A biochemist from a reputable university affirms three encounters with the effectiveness of the plant. She said that a Barangay captain from a sleepy town of Bataan was diagnosed with cancer and was thought to have only six months to live. While waiting for the prospect of a costly surgery, a family friend advised him to take a tea from the sour-sop bark and leaves.

The barangay captain just did the advice. He drank the sour-sop tea as his water for three months. He felt better and better and when he had another scan not a single tumor was seen. He was declared cancer-free!

Another story was from Gina’s mother who was diagnosed with cysts in the liver. Instead of going through a surgery, the mother decided to take a sour-sop tea and papaya fruit everyday and later says to be healed.

A nanny from the said province also shares experience with the sour-sop or guyabano. She was diagnosed with a breast cancer. Gina and her friends advised the nanny to take sour-sop tea. Six years had passed, and she is still alive and well.

If this will be scientifically proven, more people should know about this to cure some of the deadly diseases like cancer. [via]

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