Bamboo as a Lucrative Business Venture

In a recently concluded forum sponsored by Experts from the Forest Products Research and Development Institute (FPRDI) of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST), participants discovered that bamboo is a lucrative business venture with its many uses.

Aside from its medical value, other uses of bamboo were discussed in the said forum including its value in making floor tiles, plywood, vinegar, and charcoal briquette.

FPRDI through Forester Robert Natividad presented bamboo as a raw material and its local source and distribution; material preparation like seasoning and preservation; processing technologies that includes engineered products; and FPRDI assistance services.

Natividad said that it is about time to discover the technologies of processing bamboo in place of wood when it becomes insufficient.

With the use of bamboos in housing, furniture and handicraft, paper and paper products, biomass energy generation, chemical products processing, cutting of trees will be prevented and could help preserve the forest cover and control global warming.

With this new discovery of the profitability of the tallest grass, bamboo processing is now being considered by many would- be entrepreneurs as an alternative business aside from the wood industry. [via]

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