A Robot could be a flood detector

During the annual World Robot Olympiad (WRO) in Abu Dhabi, a high school team from Central Luzon won the fourth place and they took home the Best Technical Design award. The team had invented a robot that could detect flood. The team members were composed of Alexandra Mae Guevarra, 15; Claire Reñosa, 14; Chelsea Morales, 14; and coaches Beryl Cruz and Romyr Gimeno. All of them were winners from Malaysia, South Africa, and South Korea. These young girls were students from Dr. Yanga’s Colleges Inc. (DYCI) in Bocaue, Bulacan. They have created MAGIS or Man’s All-Around Global Interactive Solutions, a robot that can detect the approach of flood. The robotic pet puppy could detect the approach of flood especially in submerge province like Bulacan. The team’s coach, Cruz stated that MAGIS has apparatuses that may detect a person’s body temperature and blood pressure. An electronic Braille is being provided also to assist the disabled or elderly in reading.

According to Cruz, the five-foot robot has a personal savings machine which serves like an automated teller machine where money could be saved and withdrawn, it also has a support robot named Amicus that can play Tic-tac-toe and display emotions. The robot was conceptualized last February and its development started last April. It was finished in eight months. [via mb.com.ph]

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