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Investigatory Projects Example

Used Cooking Oil as Subtitute to Diesel

This study, Trans-Esterified Used-Cooking Oil as Substitute to Diesel, aims to produce a diesel with physical properties comparable to commercially produced diesels. The researchers surveyed the top three oil products that public utility jeepney drivers use: Caltex, Petron and Shell.

The biodiesel was produced through a process called trans-esterification. It makes methyl ester from the used cooking oil that is similar to the complex hydrocarbon chains of petroleum products. Glycerine and soap are the byproducts of this process. A percent yield of 73 percent makes the product relatively good for economic distribution.

Mechanical Chalkdust Dispenser

The mechanical chalk dispenser aims to hasten the removal of chalk dust on the chalkboard eraser. It will also enclose the dusts preventing possible skin irritation. It also produces chalks with the aid of the resin.

The researchers made a machine guided by the principles of level and wheel and axle. In making chalks, additives were added in the chalk dust forming the common chalk.

Electric Bill Reader as an Electric Consumption Converter

Since electricity nowadays is very important in our day-to-day living, the researchers have conducted a study to test the effectiveness of the electric bill reader as an electric cost converter.

To help the electric consumers on their cost-cutting measures was the general objective of the study.

Organic Waste Grinder and Juice Extractor

The study determined its efficiency by using the experimental method of research.

The grounded macro materials were put into the soil and observed for a week.

The machine was composed of parts designed for better extracting and grinding of the organic waste materials.

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